Diagnosed with prediabetes? Here's what you can do!

Diagnosed with prediabetes? Here’s what you can do!​


Prediabetes is a health condition in which blood sugar levels are above average—a fasting blood sugar level from 100 to 125 mg/dL is considered prediabetes—but they are not high enough for a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.1 However, a few changes in your diet and lifestyle can reverse its diagnosis. 2

Assess Your Diet

Making a few healthy dietary changes and managing your weight are the best ways to control your blood sugar. Here are some strategies you can start using right away:

Cut Back and De-Stress

Certain lifestyle factors, like stress and consuming alcohol, can make maintaining healthy blood sugar levels harder for you Reducing stress3 is easier if you make time for yourself and take steps to manage it.

Get Moving

During physical activity, the body uses excess sugar in your bloodstream and carries it to your cells and muscles. As per research4, people with diabetes who exercised regularly maintained healthy blood sugar levels for almost three hours longer each day than the non-exercising group.

Don't Go It Alone

It's crucial to have support. Talking to family and friends can help you relieve stress, but if you have questions about your diet, consult a registered dietitian nutritionist in your area.

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