3 Things You Should Know About Diabetes​

3 Things You Should Know About Diabetes​


Healthy eating, physical activity, and a low-key lifestyle are factors in managing stress. Many things can make managing weight a challenge – including stress, low-income levels, some medical conditions and medications. Here are three lesser-known facts about this disease that you need to be aware of. 1

It can be deadly:

Diabetes is a disease that stems from higher-than-healthy sugar levels in the blood. If left unchecked, diabetes can lead to some disastrous outcomes – including blindness, kidney disease and heart ailments. So be regular with your check-ups and take control of your lifestyle now. 2

It's not one disease:

Simply put, there are three kinds of diabetes.​

  • Type 1 Diabetes​

  • Type 2 Diabetes​

  • Gestational Diabetes 3

Prediabetes doesn’t always lead to full-blown diabetes:​

Also known as impaired glucose tolerance, prediabetes simply means that the amount of glucose or sugar in your blood is higher than it should be. But not high enough to qualify for Type 2 Diabetes. The safest way to prevent the onset of diabetes is to make a conscious decision to lead a healthy life.4


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