How to Raise a Stronger and Smarter Kid

How to Raise a Stronger and Smarter Kid



Tips for helping your child grow stronger and smarter

Your child is growing up in a world that changes every day, requiring a stronger immunity and the ability to learn fast to adapt to these changes. While this can be challenging for parents, you can take small steps in helping raise a stronger and smarter kid.

So here are a few simple ways to help boost your child’s immunity and brain power:

Let your child play outdoors

Your instinct as a parent is to shield your kids from everything that may harm them, especially bacteria and viruses that can make them sick. But did you know that exposing your children to various microorganisms through outdoor play is a great way to help them develop their immune systems? Studies show that this type of exposure can help familiarize their body with different microorganisms which helps build the immune system (1). Not to mention the amount of exercise and Vitamin D they can get while playing under the sun!

Be present

Being involved in your child’s day to day activities can make them feel more supported and help build their confidence(2). Spend time together whether it’s by playing a board game, watching a movie, or even reading a book together. This can help not only strengthen your relationship, but also encourage them to connect more with you.

Listen to your child

Practice giving your child attention and listening to their thoughts, feelings and needs so you know how to help them. Listening to them allows you to learn more about them so you could create a learning environment that best suits their needs and interests.

Support your child’s interests

When you see your kid trying out new things, whether it’s picking up a paint brush to create an artwork, or writing down a story on paper, it is important to show them your support.

A simple way to do this is by helping them create new things, giving them the materials they need, or even teaching them advanced techniques to help hone their skills. When your kids are more confident on exploring on their own, they can learn and discover a lot of new skills.

Stay connected

Bonding with your child doesn’t have to be limited to just the two of you. Stay connected with other family members and friends and explore doing different activities together. You can visit different places like the museum, zoo or aquarium where they can get a hands-on and immersive experience that supports learning and strengthens their body (2).

Give your child the right nutrients

The key to your child’s strong immune system and a smarter brain is giving them the right nutrients. This can be done by giving complete balanced meals and 2 glasses of Similac GainSchool every day. Similac GainSchool has the PRODI-G Nutrition System with Added Ganglioside + Power of three ingredients (DHA, Lutein and Natural Vitamin E) and 5 HMOs (2’-FL, 3-FL, 3-SL, LNT and 6-SL), formulated to support your child’s development and help them become fast learners (with proper diet and exercise)(3)

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