Your Nutrition – Pregnancy Week 14

Your Nutrition – Pregnancy Week 14

Second Trimester


In pregnancy week 14, ensure you always have healthy food choices around you – stuffed in your pantry, in your desk drawer, in the car, and when you are away from home. Remember, the more convenient the access to healthier food choices, the more likely you will reach for it first.

Your Nutrients Of The Week

How to deal with those pregnancy cravings...
When pregnancy cravings hit, they hit hard, and will most likely get stronger in the second trimester. Choosing what to eat at work or on the go can be an extra challenge but with easy planning, you can always have a snack on hand that is quick and nutritious.¹ Be sure to keep healthy choices within reach – stock your purse, cabinets at home, or fridge at work.

Your Wellness Tips This Week

At 14 weeks pregnant, think about making plans for you and your baby in the months ahead.

  • Check out childbirth class options for later in your pregnancy.
  • Begin checking out possible paediatrician choices for your baby.
  • By your 14th week of pregnancy, examine your maternity and paternity policies at work, if you have not already.
  • Begin looking at child-care options if you will need them.

Your Baby's Development at Week 14

While many areas of your baby’s body are becoming further defined during your 14th week of pregnancy, much of the development this week focuses on your baby’s small reproductive system:

  • When you are 14 weeks pregnant, your baby is about the length of your clenched fist.
  • In boys, the prostate gland is forming. In girls, ovaries are moving into her pelvis from her abdomen area.
  • Your baby’s thyroid gland is now working and making hormones.
  • By your 14th week of pregnancy, your baby’s palate, or the roof of his mouth, has completely formed.
  • Your baby already might be or soon will begin growing body hair, called lanugo, which will temporarily keep your baby warm until his baby fat accumulates.
  • Your baby’s head will grow to four times its current size and increase 60 times in volume by the time of birth.

Your Changing Body at Week 14

With an increase of hormones in the 14th week of pregnancy and in the weeks that follow, you might notice new changes in your body.

  • At 14 weeks pregnant, you might see an increase in vaginal discharge, which is normal. Hormones stimulate this, possibly your body’s way of preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Sometimes this surge of hormones can leave your vaginal area out of balance, which can lead to infection. This is common and something your doctor can easily treat.
  • If you have any concerns about changes in your discharge or you experience soreness, itching, or bleeding, contact your doctor.

Your body and sex

  • Your desire for sex might be greater or less than normal right now. Both responses are normal.
  • Your feelings toward sex might be influenced by how you feel about your body.
  • If you are concerned about harm to your baby during sexual activity, remember that your baby is well protected and separated from germs in your uterus. He also is cushioned by amniotic fluid.
  • Growth of new blood vessels in the pelvic area might increase sexual arousal.
Pregnancy changes that are skin deep
  • At 14 weeks pregnant, the darkening of skin around your nipples is probably noticeable.
  • Like most pregnant women, you might also soon notice a dark vertical line, called linea nigra, extending from your navel to pubic area.
  • By your 14th week of pregnancy, skin around your navel, armpits, or inner thighs might darken, particularly if you already have a darker complexion.
  • Usually this increased pigmentation, driven by increases in hormones, fades after your baby’s birth.
  • You might also note a very mild darkening of skin on the forehead, temples, cheeks, chin, and nose (sometimes called the “mask of pregnancy”). This affects about half of all pregnant women and usually fades after your baby is born.

* Comparison among all maternal milk in Singapore as of January 2022, as declared on the label.
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